Joris Wins at the 2021 USA BMX Season Opener and Connor finishes 2nd on Day 1

The 2021 USA BMX Pre Season kicked off this weekend in Phoenix, AZ at Black Mountain BMX. One of the staples of the Pro BMX tour, Black Mountain is known for super fast racing and big crashes in turn 1. Overall another great weekend for the Chase Pros aboard their ACT 1.2 Carbon frames and a great way to kick off the 2021 USA BMX Pro Series.

New IKON 451 Carbon Rims

IKON BMX has one goal for BMX racing: When we offer a product, we want it to be the absolute best we can manufacture. Nothing was spared to create one of the best carbon rims and we are proud to offer the new IKON 451 Carbon rim in a 20” Junior / Expert (451 ETRTO) 22mm wide version, with 28 or 36 holes. Available now at

Connor Fields wins the 2020 USA BMX #1 AA Pro title

The Chase Pro team of Joris Daudet and Connor Fields have held the USA BMX #1 Pro title for the past 5 years between each other, and they were looking it make it a 6 pack of titles. It’s also the 6th year in a row for Connor or Joris to be the USA BMX #1 Pro, a record for one team to dominate the USA BMX AA Pro title!

New IKON 20″ 406 & 24″ 507 Carbon Rims

We are proud to offer the new IKON 507 Carbon rim in a 24” Pro Cruiser 30mm wide version in natural Carbon Black Rim with new 4 color options graphics and new IKON 406 Carbon rim in a 20” Pro 32mm wide version in natural Carbon Black Rim with all new 4 color options graphics. Available on

New IKON Ultralite 20″ Alloy Rims

IKON UltraLite Alloy rims are our all new 36 holed Pro sized rims that are specifically designed for BMX Racing. Rim design is light enough for a rider that would use a traditional 20 x 1.50″ rim, but it offers you the strength and size of a 20 x 1.75″ rim, as they are 28mm in width and weigh in at just 312 grams or 11 oz. Available now at

IKON Carbon Fiber Rims

IKON BMX is a new company to the BMX Race market, USA Based, offering only the absolute best products in each category they will produce. Nothing has been spared to create some of the best parts for BMX racing, and IKON comes right out of the gate with an all new Carbon Fiber rim. Available now on