specifically designed for BMX Racing

IKON Ultralite Alloy rims are an all new rim that are specifically designed for BMX Racing, offering 2 unique rim profiles, one for the Brakeless Surface and one for the Brake Surface Rim.

Made of 6061 T6 Aluminium, the light weight, double walled rim has slightly angled spoke nipple openings, for a more direct spoke/nipple angle that helps offer a stronger wheel build. The Brakeless surface rim features an aero design, while the Brake Surface rim has a machined brake tack for better stopping power. Both rims feature a brilliant finish obtained by a double polished method and then beautiful anodized in Black.

Our ultralite alloy rims design is light enough for a rider that would use a traditional 1.50″ rim, but it offers you the strength and size of a 1.75″ rim, as they are 28mm in width and weigh in at just 312 grams or 11 oz.

406 ultralite ALLOY rim
no brake surface

SIZE : 406×28 (20″x1.50″/1.75″)
WEIGHT : 312 grams / 11 oz
Designed to be used as a front or rear rim
when using a disc brake

406 ultralite ALLOY rim
with brake surface

SIZE : 406×28 (20″x1.50″/1.75″)
WEIGHT : 318 grams / 11.2 oz
Designed to be used as a rear rim
when using a V-brake


Double Walled 6061 T6 Alloy Rim
Optimized Internal Geometry for light weight and optional strength
Double Process, Hi-Polished, Black Anodized Finish
Machined Brake Track on Brake Surface Rim
Low Profile Aero Design
Angle Nipple Holes